3 Top Reasons to Wash Your Car on a Rainy or Snowy Day

Commercial car washes save water and our waterways

Rain Can Help Remove Debris from You Car on the Way to a Commercial Car Wash Like Saucon Valley Auto Spa

 “What? Pay to wash my car on a rainy or snowy day? You’ve got to be crazy to do that,” our friend thought when it began to rain on the day she finally had time from her busy schedule to drive her vehicle through the wash.

With her holidays short of extra minutes on the clock, she decided to drive her car through Saucon Valley Auto Spa, a 24/7 touch-free Bethlehem car wash, despite the steady trickle of rain that day.

To our friend’s chagrin, her dusty, muddy car was smartly clean and shiny when she drove off.

 Here, three reasons why a rainy day may be a great time to wash your car.

  1. While it may be counterintuitive to wash your car on a rainy day, a steady rain as you drive to the car wash may actually assist in lifting excess soil or salt off and away from your car’s finish. Excess pollen, mud, dust or road salt on your car’s hood, rims, body or undercarriage? Rain may actually help pre-soak the debris away. However, in many a weather condition, rain alone may not properly clean your car.
  1. Following a rain storm, most car owners realize dirt and debris often remains on their car’s finish. Unless, of course, they regularly use a leading protectant like Dura-Shield as a finishing rinse.
  2. Protect your auto finish from the start and around-the-clock with a quality, clear protectant such as Durashield, available in the Xtreme Wash at Saucon Valley Auto Spa. When auto owners use Durashield, dirt and debris is easily removed in a rain storm, or at home with a hose, when the weather allows. DuraShield protects your car for more than 30 days.

Saucon Valley Auto Spa is located at 3510 Route 378, Bethlehem, PA, in the Lehigh Valley, just south of the Route 78 overpass. For more information, visit www.sauconvalleyautospa.com or on Facebook, or Twitter.

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