4 Levels of Oxidation and 6 Ways to Rid it on Your Car

Oxidation Will Ruin Your Car Paint Over Time

Oxidation Will Ruin Your Car Paint Over Time







Have you ever noticed that your once shiny silver jewelry becomes tarnished and dull over time? This is a simple example of oxidation caused by moisture, weather and daily exposure to the elements.

Similarly, the same factors can cause oxidation on your car’s paint resulting in the oxidation of the metal and rust on your finish.

Four Levels of Car Paint Oxidation

  1. First stage; oxidized car paint will have a slightly dull look.
  2. As oxidation progresses, the paint surface begins to fade.
  3. Heavy oxidation; decay continues and creates a dull, chalky surface.
  4. Final stage; can not be repaired without repainting. This stage is known as “clear coat failure,” and patches appear where the paint has begun to dissolve.

Tips on how to remove and restore car paint oxidation.

  1. The perfect temperature is a clear day with temperature between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  1. Clean car thoroughly to remove all dust and dirt. (A commercial car wash such as Saucon Valley Auto Spa will give your car a thorough cleaning.)
  1. Find and set up in a shady area. Be sure car is dry and remains dirt and dust free.
  1. Use a car oxidation removal product to eliminate oxidation. Polishing coupons work well on light to moderate oxidation, while heavy oxidation requires a rubbing compound.
  1. Apple the oxidation removal products gently in a small area, working it into the paint and removing it quickly. Continue until all signs of oxidation are gone.
  1. Wax car after it is clean and polished to product the paint from future oxidation.
  1. Don’t forget to clean and polish oxidized headlights using appropriate headlight cleaner.

Preventing Oxidation:

Prevention is key. Regular waxing, at least once monthly or more, can help.

Store your car in a garage or under a car cover to protect the paint.

A big thank you to CleanTools Car Care products for all of the oxidation removal information. Oxidation Info Graph. Thank you Clean Tools, click here oxidation-infograph-170118141025

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