Desalles Police Car

Corporate and Commercial Accounts

Keep your vans, trucks and corporate vehicles clean with Saucon Valley Auto Spa’s corporate and institutional fleet services.  With four automatic wash selections and 12 self-service options, our car wash can perfectly meet your company vehicle needs.

Automatic wash bays accommodate vehicles up to 7 feet high and 22.6 feet in length. Self service bays accommodate vehicles up to 10 feet high and 26 feet in length. In addition, Saucon Valley Auto Spa provides three vacuum islands, upholstery shampoo, fragrance and auto care vending. All products used at Saucon Valley Auto Spa are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Who We Work With

Saucon Valley Auto Spa is unique in the Lehigh Valley for we feature the latest in Washworld technologies. Located just moments from the Promenade Shops, Saucon Valley Auto Spa services many corporations and institutions in the Lehigh Valley, including:

  • Police departments
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial businesses throughout the Lehigh Valley and Bethlehem area

Arranging a Corporate Account

Setting up a corporate account is easy to do.  Contact Saucon Valley Auto Spa at and provide your billing information. Then, we’ll send you the requested number of Fleet cards. Every month you will receive an invoice. The Saucon Valley Auto Spa card functions in all automatic and self-service bays.

If you would like to discuss a corporate account, call 610-419-4042. You can also visit us on Facebook to check out other promotions and discounts.