Keep Your Car Pollen Free Lehigh Valley

Lehigh Valley in the spring means pollen and bird bombs on your car

Keep your car free of pollen and you and your family will be healthier too.


Keep Your Auto Pollen Free at Saucon Valley Auto Spa

Keep your auto’s finish in tip top shape with these tips for a pollen-free car.

1.) H20 Alone Won’t Budge Pollen:  A hose to your car may seem like a quick fix. However, it isn’t good enough. Also, if you just try to get rid of the bird bombs, berries or pollen by wiping it down with a cloth, you can end up scratching the paint by rubbing the abrasive seeds or pollen against the finish. Water can activate the acidity.

Use a soap specifically formulated for autos. Better yet, visit Saucon Valley Auto Spa, where touch-free technology in the auto bays has superior sonar measuring and cleaning systems.

 2.) Pre-Soak and Rinse: You may find it most helpful to pre-soak and wash your car in a self serve bay if your car has been bombed by birds or is sporting a thick layer of pollen.

3.) Protect Finish from the Get Go: Keep your car waxed and protected with a product like DuraShield available in the Xtreme Wash at Saucon Valley Auto Spa.  A top grade protection product like DuraShield will keep the acid from biting into your car. It will also repel nasty agents for 30 days.

4.) Keep The Windows Closed. The benefit to having a clean car on the outside means less pollen will travel inside your car. Keep your windows closed during the spring, and your respiratory system will thank you.

5.) Cabin Fever Not: Change your car’s cabin filter every year and set

your A/C to recirculation to keep out the offending particles.

Visit of Bethlehem. Located in the Lehigh Valley, Saucon Valley Auto Spa is a Totally Touch Free Car Wash.  We are located at 3510 Route 378, Bethlehem, PA 18015.

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