Avoid Line Paint: Or, How to Get it off Your Car

How to safely remove line paint from your vehicle, from Saucon Valley Auto Spa, your touch-free Lehigh Valley car wash.

Be patient, stay back, and drive drive on wet line paint.

Be patient, stay back, and drive drive on wet line paint.


PennDot reports that it sprays an average of 1.6 million gallons of road paint on Pennsylvania roads each and every year.

From late Spring until early October, line trucks perform their job, painting yellow and white road lines and its crucial for drivers to stay far back, and not cross fresh paint lines.

Road paint, which also contains a reflective sand, takes only 90 seconds to two minutes to dry.

However, if your patience wears thin, and you drive too close, you just receive a yellow or white memento.

Here are some tips on how to remove line paint.

1.) Wash your vehicle at a pressure car was as soon as possible after getting paint from road stripes on your car.  This will loosen and remove most of the paint,  unless it has dried for more than a day.

2.) If the high pressure car wash does not remove the paint, allow the vehicle to dry from all water, and spray the paint residue with WD-40.  Allow the WD-40 to remain on the area for 1-2 hours,  then rewash the vehicle. The WD-40 will soften the traffic paint without hurting the vehicle finish. If there is a heavy concentration, repeat the procedure.

3.) For heavy accumulations or paint that has dried for several days (make mental note to never cross that wet paint line again)  apply a liberal coating of petroleum jelly to the dried traffic paint and allow to remain overnight. Take vehicle to a pressure car wash and wash. This should remove most of the traffic paint. Repeat the procedure if needed.

4.) To avoid damage to the finish, do not scrub finish with a solvent, or scouring cleanser.

5.) After cleaning the paint away apply a good car wax to the vehicle’s finish. Wax should remove any lasting signs of the traffic paint.

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