Water Run Off from Home Car Washing Pollutes Our Streams

Washing Your Car at Home Sends Pollutants Into Our Streams

Washing Your Car at Home Sends Pollutants Into Our Streams


Did you know that when you’re washing your car in the driveway, you’re not just washing your car in the driveway? That’s because all the soap, scum, and oily grit that runs off your car goes into the street, and eventually directly into the storm drain.

         Storm drain runoff here in the Lehigh Valley heads straight into our lakes, streams, and coastal waters, all the way for instance, from the Saucon, Little Lehigh or Monocacy Creeks, into the Lehigh River, the Delaware River, and eventually, even the Chesapeake Bay.  Such pollution is bad for fish, and bad for the environment. So, how do you avoid such an aquatic mess? At home, wash your car on a grass lawn or gravel instead of the street. Better yet, take your car to a commercial car wash like Saucon Valley Auto Spa, where water runs into special drains that do not run into our streams.

         Any questions regarding storm drains, contact your municipality or the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, visit www.dep.state.pa.us or call DEP’s Bureau of Water Management at 717-772-5661. And, special thanks to the Washington State Water Quality Consortium for poster image. Sincerely, your friends at Saucon Valley Auto Spa, 3510 Route 378, Bethlehem, PA 18015.

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